Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

The Charlotte Council is proud to support the next generation of horticulture leaders through scholarships. Each request is reviewed and decided by the board. 

A recent recipient is Jessica Betschart, a biology graduate from UNC-Charlotte and an applicant for the masters program in horticulture at NC State University. 

The Council's donation enabled Jessica to attend the Davidson Horticultural Symposium on March 3, 2020. 

About Jessica

Where were you born? Why did you major in biology?

"I am initially from Guatemala, and have been living in Charlotte for half of my life. I majored in biology because science was always a huge part of my life, as well as my family's. Scientific thinking was instilled in me by my parents from a very young age, and it has always affected my perception of the world. Biology was perfect for me because it provided me with an outlet for my curiosity."

What would you like to do once you complete your studies? 

"Once I earn my master's degree, I want to find a path in horticulture that combines my love for plants and animals. Two branches of horticulture that really call my attention and I would love to explore are zoological horticulture and conservation horticulture." 

Davidson Horticulture Symposium

This marks the 36th year of the symposium. The speakers:  

  • Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, Washington State University's Extension Urban Horticulturist. Her first of many books, The Informed Gardener, examined common horticultural myths. 
  • Dr. Michael J. Raupp, professor of Entomology and Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland. He hosts a widely popular Bug of the Week website and YouTube episodes. 
  • Emily McCoy, landscape architect, associate professor at NC State University, and a researcher at Design Workshop. 
  • Laurie Reid Dukes, expert arborist and program manager of the Tree Planting and Preservation Team of the city of Charlotte. 

A total of 28 students from across the region received scholarships by 10 individuals and organizations to attend the symposium. And Jessica was one of those.

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